GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Greeneville Police (GPD) were called to a rare sight on Wednesday after a Caterpillar excavator hit an overhead bridge and flipped into the roadway.

According to a crash report from GPD, a truck carrying the excavator was passing under a railroad bridge near the intersection of North Main Street and East Hardin Street at the time of the crash. You can find a view of the bridge (sans excavator) below:

While the truck tried to pass under the bridge, the report says it “struck the underside of the bridge and flipped off the trailer” onto the road. In images released by GPD, it appears to have come to a stop on its left side in the oncoming lane.

No one was reported as injured at the scene, although the reporting officer describes the excavator with “significant damage” and outlines damage to three metal beams and concrete in the bridge. The excavator was righted by crews on the scene and driven away.