GREENEVILLE, Tenn.(WJHL) – On Sunday afternoon, members of the Greeneville community gathered together at Burley Stadium to celebrate the life of 7th Grader Kaden Gunter, who passed away late last week.

His family, friends, and teammates entered the stadium to remember Kaden’s life. The stadium seats were filled with members of the community whom Kaden impacted.

Those within the Greeneville Middle School Administration recalled stories of how they saw lives changed by Kaden.

“If you walked the halls this week at GMS you saw Post-it notes everywhere,” Assistant Principal Andy McCall said. “It was the students that stuck those Post-it notes up in our hallways saying ‘Be like Kaden.'”

Dr. Rachel Adams, Principal at Greeneville Middle School, read statements from Kaden’s teachers regarding his character.

“From his sixth-grade math teacher, Mrs. Miller,” Dr. Adams said. “Kaden was the kind of student that made the classroom environment. He was the kind of student every teacher dreams of having, the kid who isn’t just a good student academically, but the kind who is also a good person.”

Kaden played on the middle school football team. His coaches said he was an exceptional teammate, both off the field.

“Kaden Gunter personified the Greene Devil standard,” said Head football coach Adam Sizemore. “Kaden will live forever in the hearts and minds of the Greeneville football family.”

His family said Kaden left behind an impact that won’t be forgotten by the community.

“The life that he lived in his 12 years, beyond a shadow of a doubt is an example for us to follow,” said Kaden’s uncle Mark Laughlin. “A guiding light for us who are left here to carry on his memory, carry on his love, to carry on his spirit of joy and of true happiness.”

Greeneville Middle School will celebrate “Kaden’s Day” on Thursday as part of their Spirit Week activities.