GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Greene County 911 office is preparing to launch a new dispatch service called Smart 911.

The new system allows residents in the area to sign up and enter any information they would like first responders to have access to, including medical history. That information will automatically pop up for first responders to use during emergencies.

“If you have two or three people in your household, you can create a profile for each one of them, their name, their ages, any disabilities they may have,” said Jerry Bird, Director of the Greene County 911 Office.

Bird said this vital information could be a life-saving tool for first responders. T.J Manis, Operations Director for the Greene County EMS, said it’s a timesaver during dire situations.

“Past medical history is key,” Manis said. “Diabetics, for example, blood sugar gets to a point that’s too low. They lose consciousness. If we know on the front end that they have a history of diabetes, we can go straight to that blood sugar check.”

Bird told News Channel 11 the system can also assist with any medical emergencies at home.

“This one is more in-depth as far as the medical history, which is a benefit to the first responders as well as to the citizens,” said Bird. “If you’re injured or need help based on your medical history, then you may not be able to talk as much as you would want to.”

The Smart 911 system also acts as a mass alert system.

“It also allows us to send out notifications to the residents, either countywide or within a certain area,” said Bird. “If there’s a danger that they need to evacuate from, or if we have a hazardous spill or even a missing person, we can notify residents in a certain area as well.”

The new system has not been launched yet, but Bird said they are working out the details and hope to go live soon. He also encourages all Greene County residents to input their information on the website.