GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – Two engines were stolen from the Greene County Firewood Ministry’s work site.

The Greene County Firewood Ministry provides wood to heat homes for people in need throughout the winter season. Each year they help up to 350 families. This season, they’ve donated over 1,000 loads of firewood.

“It’s a hard time of year with us working as hard as we are to try to provide firewood for as many homes and when you take two pieces of equipment out of our daily production availability, it hurts,” said President of the Greene County Firewood Ministry, David Andrew.

The stolen engines were on conveyors that help separate wood from splitters. Without the powered conveyors, workers have to manually lift firewood into piles away from the splitters.

“It basically takes a one to two person crew and makes it a three to four person crew,” said Vice President Andy Hillyer. “Just by this, the simple fact of it slows the process down with moving the firewood away from the splitters to ease the process.”

Fortunately, people in the community donated money to the ministry after hearing about the burglary.

“A lot of response from the social media reporting of those this week. And I think we’ll we’ll get those engines replaced without any trouble,” said Andrew.

Enough money was raised to replace both engines. One conveyor is already back running and the next engine should be replaced this week.

The ministry provides for homes in Greene County, but they see the need for firewood donations in other counties as well.

They are 100% volunteer ran and welcome all the help they can get.

“There’s jobs for about anybody. We need people to deliver firewood, we need people to cut firewood, we need people to split firewood,” said Hillyer. “Bring the family.”

The work site is located behind the warehouse across from 655 Old Stage Road in Greeneville.

They normally have shifts in the mornings Monday through Friday, and from 8AM until 3PM on Saturdays.