GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – Greene County leaders have rejected a proposal to make the county a “Second Amendment Sanctuary Community.”

County commissioners voted 6 to 11 against the measure during a meeting Monday night. Commissioner Bill Dabbs abstained while three other commissioners were not present.

The resolution would have requested that the General Assembly and the U.S. Congress protect the constitutional right for people to keep and bear arms.

It would have ruled out any resources to enforce gun control measures that violate the Second Amendment.

Instead, commissioners passed a similar measure that doesn’t declare the county a sanctuary.

Several people went to the meeting Monday night to share their thoughts before the vote. There were also lengthy discussions between commissioners.

Greene County Mayor, Kevin Morrison explained the two different resolutions as, “There was actually Resolution A declaring Greene County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, and then there was Resolution B which offered essentially the same thing, support for the Second Amendment and peoples right to keep and bear arms without the language of open defiance of the law of the land.”

Resolution B passed with a 12 to 5 vote from the commission.

Over 30 people signed up to speak at Monday’s meeting to share their opinions on both resolutions.

“I think that what the people were asking essentially was that they want our local representatives to support the Second Amendment for gun ownership rights, and not have the due process be taken away,” said Morrison.

The resolution was sponsored by Commissioner Clifford Bryant.

If it would have been passed, the county would not use resources to enforce gun control measures that maybe in violation of Second Amendment rights.

Greene County Sheriff Wesley Holt said that if the Federal Government came in to take guns away from gun owners, “I wouldn’t ask my officers to enforce it and I wouldn’t enforce it.”

Sheriff Holt adding that he fully supports Second Amendment rights and the right to bear arms.