GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL)- In 2017, the Greene Valley Developmental Center, a home for those with intellectual disabilities, closed its doors. The property has remained unused since. Now, a resolution has been approved by the Greene County Commission for an agreement regarding a portion of the property.

“This resolution is essentially a guide, or a local agreement, as to how that property out there will be governed,” said Kevin Morrison, Mayor of Greene County.

The agreement between the Town of Greeneville, Tusculum and the Tusculum-Greeneville-Greene County Industrial Development Board (IDB) would allow the board to gain ownership of 335 acres of undeveloped land on the property.

“There’s been a price set of $1.5 million to bring these properties into the local development board’s hands and then choose one industry,” said State Representative David Hawk, who represents the 5th District. “A light industry, educational facilities, possibly some type of medical research could come to the community.”

The money for the project has already been set aside. Hawk said the money wouldn’t come from the county. Morrison said the funds come from the Governor’s budget.

“It’s not going to be any Greene County funds that are going to be part of the purchase,” Hawk said. “Those dollars have already been set in a bank account that will create the property transaction.”

Currently, there is no set plan as to what will be done with the land. But Morrison said they have already started brainstorming ideas.

“Well, we hope to develop it as some type of educational got technology or business park that’s very commensurate with the surrounding landscape,” said Morrison.

The final decision on the agreement will be made at a December meeting in Nashville between the IDB and the State departments involved in the process.