JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Greater Eastern Credit Union (GECU) took part in a national campaign on Friday called the “Best Day Ever”, where staff took to a 7 Brew drive-thru to pay it forward.

GECU’s Member Service Officer Shelia Lussier told News Channel 11 that more than 200 banking companies nationwide participated in the event hosted by Kasasa, an online banking business. The event aimed to facilitate 100,000 acts of kindness across the country on the same day.

“Well, we just have a little card to let people know that they matter and they are important,” she said. “And we just have a little bit of cash in here to help them pay for their coffee today.”

Lussier said some envelopes containing positive affirmations also had enough cash inside to pay for the person’s coffee. She said the activity on Friday simply aimed to make people’s days a little brighter.