JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Great Oak Brewing is set to expand production inside of its Johnson City location after an increase in demand.

The local company is also planning to open two new restaurants inside of downtown Johnson City’s upcoming Juan Siao Chow and Greeneville’s Southern Craft location.

However, Great Oaks already produces beer for other establishments in the area, including: Southern Craft and Label in Johnson City, as well as 620 in Bristol.

While Great Oak Brewing has experienced success, the company looks to take advantage of the high-demand by increasing production by 50%.

“We are definitely seeing a surge in sales, just folks coming in the area and enjoying the outdoors, the food and of course the craft beer,” said Keith Dancy, the head brewer of Great Oak Brewing.

The establishment currently brews around 1,000 barrels of beer, annually – the new expansion will equate to nearly 1,500 barrels a year.