SMYTH COUNTY, Va. (WJHL) – Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin visited Smyth County Wednesday to share the news that 75 new jobs will be created with the expansion of a company.

A release from the governor’s office states that Scholle IPN will invest more than $31 million to expand operations in Smyth County.

Scholle IPN was described in the release as a “global supplier of total flexible packaging solutions.”

Commercial Director for Scholle IPN Glenn Wiechman said the company supplies pouches for many products, ranging from Coca-Cola to oil and boxed wine.

Wiechman said the Chilhowie plant is one of the most well-performing locations, which is why it was selected.

“As we show our footprint, or our foundation, strong here over the years. I think people will trust and believe in Scholle,” Wiechman said. “It gives the opportunity for other companies to see that model to be successful in this part of Virginia.”

Scholle IPN’s existing facility will expand by 73,000 square feet in order to make room for new manufacturing lines and other necessary infrastructure.

The release states that Virginia secured the expansion over facilities in Illinois and Georgia. As a result, the expansion will create 75 new jobs in Smyth County.

“Southwest Virginia gets ignored,” Youngkin said. “To see this investment here is just so encouraging.”

Scholle IPN President and CEO Ross Bushnell said the region of Southwest Virginia has grown into an excellent spot for manufacturing.

“By committing over $30 million in the expansion of our Chilhowie, Virginia, facility, we not only better serve the needs of our customers across North America, we also ensure that Chilhowie and the State of Virginia remain at the forefront of our sustainable packaging capabilities,” Bushnell said.

Youngkin said this is the start of delivering on his campaign promise to support economic growth in Virginia.

“We’re working on a lot more,” Youngkin said. “So this is just the beginning of what I hope to be frequent trips out here to celebrate new investment and new jobs.”