ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — The Friends of the Elizabethton-Carter County Animal Shelter (FECCAS) hosted its 2nd Annual Golf Tournament to benefit the construction of a future spay-neuter clinic.

Danny Deal, the fundraising director for FECCAS, told News Channel 11 that the first step to keeping local animals safe and healthy is to control their population growth. This is done by keeping family pets spayed or neutered.

“Animal Welfare starts with controlling animal population, and the way to do that is spay and neuter,” Deal told News Channel 11.

He said the future clinic would be low cost and save pet owners money, and Saturday’s golf tourney aimed to raise funds to build that clinic.

“We did a golf tournament because it’s a good fundraising outlet to raise money and to get the community involved,” Deal said. “And make them aware. And then the golfers come out and have a good day of golf.”

Deal said a key reason to spay and neuter your pets is to prevent overcrowding at local shelters, which is all too rampant in the Tri-Cities. Litters of animals that come into the shelters are often a result of pets that haven’t been fixed and families that can’t take care of numerous puppies or kittens.

“If people have a real heart for animal welfare, they should encourage people to spay and neuter– spay and neuter their own pets and encourage others,” he said.