GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – The General Morgan Inn in Greeneville will begin offering catering services after acquiring Angeez Catering and Custom Cakes.

The inn announced its purchase of the catering business Thursday. The acquisition will allow the inn to cater events throughout the region.

Photo: WJHL

News Channel 11 spoke with Angie Lawson of Angeez Catering, who said she was excited to still be a part of the business but be free of the administrative work.

“[We] put the word out probably eight months ago that we were interested in selling,” Lawson said. “We’ve worked at Angeez for about ten years now. A little over ten years, and it’s gone to the point that it outgrew what we were capable of doing.”

Lawson said she knew selling or partnering was the right move, but she was hesitant at first when reached out to about selling Angeez Catering. However, after continued conversations, she said she saw it as a good thing.

“We negotiated, we talked,” Lawson said. “We worked out details. Basically, what I get to do is stay on in a position of a food plan, deal in creating, what I fell in love with when I started this. It takes me away from the administrative side, the bookwork which I do not enjoy, but I get to go back to what I originally fell in love with.”

Representatives with the General Morgan Inn said Angeez will be an excellent addition to the inn’s dining options and add to lunch options in the downtown area.

Lawson expects the move will bring more exposure to the business.