POUND, Va. (WJHL) — A town hall meeting was held Tuesday night in Pound to gauge interest in remaining a town.

Few people and even fewer town leaders attended Tuesday night’s meeting. Town leadership is down to three people: Mayor Stacey Carson and two council members, one of whom was not in attendance.

The meeting came after a state lawmaker filed legislation to remove the town’s charter.

A former council member who stepped down said the lack of leadership has crippled the town’s ability to build back.

“It’s hard to develop a plan when you don’t have but one member coming to a meeting, and you don’t have a governing body in place,” said former councilmember Terry Short.

The turmoil has brought services to a standstill.

“We don’t have any employees right now, other than our chief of police and our crime prevention officer, and it’s their job to make sure the town hall is secure,” Councilmember Leabern Kennedy said.

Water, sewer, and public safety services are currently being provided by Wise County.

The Town Council is unable to take action itself because it received an injunction after suing two former members. The council also needs a quorum of three to take any action, but new members must be appointed by a judge.

Some business owners showed an interest in joining the council in an attempt to save the town government. Several businesses have closed in the last year with business owners wondering what the town can do for them.

“The funds need to be properly allocated to encourage tourism and businesses,” Kristin Foley, a Pound resident, said. “I want to see Pound prosper.”

At the meeting, leaders and citizens agreed the power to determine what happens to the town should be in their hands, not the state’s.

“It should be left up to the voters and to the people who live their daily lives in this town,” Mayor Carson said.

Carson said no Virginia state legislators were present at the meeting or watched it via Zoom.