Update: Cameo Theater’s owner, Brent Buchanan, told News Channel 11 that 95% of the 11,000 tickets sold have had refunds processed. Buchanan provided documentation to News Channel 11 that shows both Walters’ and Hunter’s refunds have been processed.

News Channel 11 reached out to both Hunter and Walters regarding the documentation provided by Buchanan. Hunter and Walters said they both received an email on Monday, 5/22, stating that their refunds had been processed and they would receive the money in their accounts in two days. As of Friday, they told News Channel 11 that they have yet to receive a refund.

Buchanan said The Cameo is working hard to process refunds for the remaining 5% of tickets and that will happen soon.

Buchanan told News Channel 11 that the timeframe for the refunded money to appear in accounts could be two days or 7-10 days depending on each buyer’s method of payment. 

BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – Customers are looking for their refunds more than a month after a highly-anticipated Bristol concert was canceled.

Rock legend Billy Idol was slated to perform at the Cameo Theater’s first outdoor street show on April 29. Bret Michaels was also scheduled to appear as a guest.

That show was canceled on April 20. The official cause of the cancelation was not released by the theater or performers.

An email from the Cameo Theater said that customers who wanted a refund would receive it within 30 days of April 20.

That 30-day window has passed, and several customers are still waiting on a refund.

“I did receive an email that said I would receive a refund within 21 to 30 days and that was back in April,” Amy Walters said.

Walter said that her excitement about the concert quickly turned into disappointment after learning of the cancellation.

Now, that disappointment is shifting to frustration. She said her group of friends spent over $500 in total for tickets. She said she’s tried numerous times to reach out to the venue but has not received a response.

“It’s frustrating because this was a concert that many people in our region [were] looking forward to,” Walter said.

Bristol, Tennessee resident David Hunter said he and his wife are frequent concertgoers. There was instant excitement in his household when learning of the concert, and he jumped to get the tickets.

“We were very excited since we saw it online saying that he was coming,” Hunter said. “She wanted tickets immediately.”

David Hunter received the same email as Walter regarding the refund process and has hit the same roadblock.

He said that he only hears automated messages when he has questions about the refund.

“So it rings four or five times and it says, ‘if you’d like to leave your name and number, somebody would get in contact with you,'” Hunter said. “I’ve done that several times and still have not received anybody calling me back about my concerns.”

Concerns continue to grow for customers who have yet to receive a refund. Walters said the process is taking its toll.

“There’s no communication,” Walters said. “That’s where the frustration really builds up.”

News Channel 11 reached out to the Cameo Theater regarding the matter, but as of Friday evening, the theater has not responded.