Former paramedic equipping community to save lives in disaster situations


JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL)- After recent tragedies across the country, one former first responder is proactively working to help people in the Tri-Cities get equipped to save lives in a disaster situation.

Jake Drumm is a former paramedic and is now an instructor at Quillen College of Medicine. He said as he started to see more and more mass shootings across the country, he started looking for ways his wife, a school teacher, could be prepared if the worst were to happen.

“People are starting to realize how this could be my family member, this could be me, it could be my kid,” Drumm said.

So he started Drumm Emergency Solutions, providing classes and kits so people can learn how to help with severe injuries before first responders can arrive.

“Somebody can bleed out within under three minutes and no matter where you are, if you’re in East Tennessee it’s hard for a police car or a firetruck or ambulance to get to you within three minutes,” Paramedic Adam Williams said.

Drumm said within 24 hours after the latest deadly shooting in Flordia, his classes filled up.

In the class, he teaches how to keep yourself safe, how you can stop the bleeding of a serious injury, and how you can apply a tourniquet to save someone’s life. He keeps it down to the basics so even kindergarten students can learn.

“We really underrate what children are capable of you know most kids that you’re going to run across want to find a solution, they want to be a part of the total answer,” Drumm said.

He said as a dad himself, he is making sure his kids are equipped with some of these basic emergency response kits.

“My daughter has one of these kits right now with her in her backpack,” Drumm said. “If you had a third of those kids who had these cost-effective solutions in their backpacks, what could be done in some type of disaster, like what lives could be saved.”

“We hope that this bleeding control movement really takes hold and it becomes a standard, a national standard,” Williams said,

Drumm said as more people become aware and get equipped, more lives can be saved.

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