Former Greene Co. Commissioner files complaints against Solid Waste Dept., mayor responds


Former Greene County Commissioner Eddie Jennings has pictures of private vehicles and derby cars that were worked on in the Greene County Solid Waste Department.

“That’s what our tax dollars is going for,” said Jennings.

In 2018, Jennings filed a complaint with the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office.

According to the annual Greene County government audit, which was released in February 2019, an investigation by the county attorney and the human resources department found two employees did use the department’s garage to perform work or have work performed on their personal vehicles.

The investigators also reviewed invoices and were unable to determine if any department purchased auto parts were used on any personal vehicles.

Both employees were given written reprimands and three-day unpaid suspensions. According to Greene County Mayor Kevin Morrison, one employee was eventually fired.

“In the eyes of the regulatory body, that was resolved to their satisfaction,” said Morrison.

However, Jennings, who plans to run for county commission again, has recently filed two complaints against the person still employed after the original complaint.

One complaint is about the recent repair of a bathroom at the Sunny Side Convenience Center.

“You look at the picture of the bathroom, how much an hour would you pay for a man to do a job like that?” said Jennings.

Morrison believes the employee did not do an insufficient job given the age of the building.

“These operator buildings have 20, 25 years of use and they’re reaching the end of their service life,” said Morrison, “and we’ve replaced several.”

The other complaint involves three motor vehicle incidents by the employee, including one incident were the employee’s truck snagged power lines at an apartment complex. Morrison said Wednesday that incident was still being investigated.

“There are no fault scenarios that if we just start firing people for things that reside out of their control,” said Morrsion, “then no one would have a job.”

Morrison added that there have been no incidents of improper use of facilities since that initial investigation.

“I’m not looking to or trying to cost him his job,” said Jennings about the employee, “but evidently, he don’t take warnings.”

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