Follow the cups: Kingsport man arrested after leaving trail from robbery

Timothy R Castle_1542425723824.jpg.jpg

A Kingsport man is now behind bars after leaving a “cup”le of clues for police.  

Sullivan County police say Timothy Castle, 29, is charged with burglary, theft of property over $2,500 and vandalism.  

The robbery happened Thursday at the B Mart in Sullivan County.  

Police say the store’s manager reviewed video and saw a multi-colored Ford F-150 causing damage to a gate. The video also captured Castle, wearing a mask, trying to come in through the store’s entrance.  

When Castle was unable to gain entry, police say Castle broke in from behind the business. Castle reportedly stole a large amount of food items, a green ladder, extension cord on a reel, red dolly and many packages of cups.  

Police were able to locate Castle after following a trail of cups to a trailer park. 

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