Flight prices to Dallas: How Tri-Cities Airport measures up


Tickets for nonstop flights From Tri-Cities Airport to Dallas/Fort Worth airport went on sale this week, but we wanted to know how prices measured up to other airports. 

We took a look at prices at two different weeks in the year: September 4-11, the first week that Tri-Cities will offer nonstop flights, and December 23-31, a busy travel week around the holidays. 

Flight prices may fluctuate throughout the year, so here are the credentials we used to find these prices:

  • All flights checked on the Skyscanner app for smartphones.
  • Flights checked on April 19 at 11 a.m.-noon. 
  • All flights are for roundtrip prices.
  • Nonstop flights are compared to flights with 1 stop from the same airport.

City airports checked and size by number of gates: 

  • Tri-Cities Airport (TRI), 7 gates
  • Asheville Regional Airport (AVL), 7 gates
  • Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS), 12 gates
  • Nashville International Airport (BNA), 43 gates
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), 115 gates
  • Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL), 192 gates

The following is a chart of flights to DFW International Airport. Airports are listed in order of their size in relation to the number of gates they have.

 September 4-11 
Tri-Cities nonstop$290n/a
Tri-Cities 1 stop$2934-7 hours 
Asheville nonstop$269n/a
Asheville 1 stop$2834-6 hours
Knoxville nonstop$399n/a
Knoxville 1 stop$3983-4 hours
Nashville nonstop$271 n/a
Nashville 1 stop$2711-2 hours
Charlotte nonstop$258n/a
Nashville 1 stop$22110-17 hours, overnight flight
Atlanta nonstop$151-$224n/a
Atlanta 1 stop$1522-4 hours


  • The cheapest direct flight to DFW on this date is through Spirit Airlines at Atlanta airport. Atlanta offers two nonstop flights per day with Spirit Airlines. 
  • Knoxville prices soar at $399 per roundtrip ticket.
  • Tri-Cities is the second-highest expensive direct-flight ticket after Knoxville, coming in at $139 more expensive than the cheapest ticket, but are only about $21 more expensive than Asheville’s prices, a similarly-sized airport.

The following is a chart of flights to DFW International Airport. Airports are listed in order of their size in relation to the number of gates they have.

December 23-31
Tri-Cities nonstop$314 n/a
Tri-Cities 1 stop$328 4-6 hours
Asheville nonstop$269n/a
Asheville 1 stop$283-$3164-5 hours
Nashville nonstop$276-$319n/a
Nashville 1 stop$3185-6 hours
Charlotte nonstop$304n/a
Charlotte 1 stop$3054/6 hours
Atlanta nonstop*$209-$328n/a

*Knoxville and Atlanta offer almost no other flights to DFW on these dates.


  • Overall, prices jumped on a busy holiday weekend, every airport except for Knoxville showed higher prices. 
  • Knoxville still had the most expensive tickets at $399 per person for a roundtrip ticket, and Atlanta still had the cheapest tickets at $209 per person. 
  • Tri-Cities airport came in at the second highest, but still cheaper than flights out of Knoxville by about $85, and $105 more expensive than Atlanta. 
  • Tri-Cities tickets are $45 more expensive than tickets out of Asheville, a similarly-sized airport. 

It should be noted that airlines are responsible for setting flight prices, not the airports themselves. Prices differ depending on the airline, and other factors include the time of the flight and the time of booking, just to name a few

What we found is Tri-Cities flights may be more expensive than those of larger airports, but still remain in close competition with similarly-sized airports in the area. 

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