ABINGDON, Va. (WJHL) – For four years, the small Southwest Virginia town of Abingdon has won big awards. The town’s most recent accolade is retaining the title of ‘Best Small Town Food Scene’ with a fourth consecutive win in the USA Today category.

However, a new addition to the town hopes what they provide will keep that title into the next year and the ones to follow.

Summers Roof and Cellar, located at 102 Court St. in the heart of downtown, is set to open this fall.
The building dates back to the early 1900s and used to belong to Lewis P. Summers, a Southwest Virginia author, according to owner Charlie Berg.

Berg, alongside his brothers, hopes to transform the space into an enhanced dining experience while keeping the history of the building intact.
With a bird’s eye view of downtown, a secluded spot for romantic candlelit meals, and fine wines from across the U.S, it aims to be another great addition to the town.

Pictured: Sommelier & Partner, Charlie Berg

“One of the original thoughts we had was, ‘Wow! How cool would it be to have this airy rooftop space with birds and sunlight and also contrast this warm intimate cellar,’ so just call it roof and cellar,” said Charlie Berg.

He said altering the space was a huge undertaking — one his brother David led the operation on. The fourth floor, which acts as the rooftop bar and patio access didn’t exist just a few months ago.

“We took a lot of great pains to preserve the historical quality and the architecture of the exterior and interior,” said David Berg.

The rooftop and the cellar, which are the namesakes of the business, will be where their operations take place with room for other businesses and office opportunities on the floor in between.

“There will be other businesses on the other floors; we do have a large event space on the third floor which is exclusive for Summers Roof and Cellar but the restaurant itself is in the cellar and here on the roof,” said Charlie.

From speakeasy-like dining to delicious culinary creations, the Bergs plan to have it all. Joshua Young is the executive chef for Summers Roof and Cellar. He said he’s been curating a menu that will appeal to all the senses.

“Everything scratch-based is definitely a must for us,” said Young. “I don’t like to take things out of a freezer, and I love just highlighting excellent flavors and wonderful ingredients for what they are. We definitely have an excellent philosophy here, and as long as we don’t do much to adulterate excellent food, I think we’ll be alright.”

The Bergs said they want to offer an escape from everyday life.

“We just want people to come and feel a sense of restoration,” said Charlie Berg. “Right now, it’s not the easiest of times. People need a place to relax and to just be able to escape, unplug and just really enjoy being with friends and family.”

As of right now, they’re hoping to open in late August or early September.

For more on the menu and what the space has to offer, click here.