BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – Two friends are showcasing not only their work but also the work of other artisans across the region through their new storefront, ‘The Crazy Daisies’.

The new shop brings unique T-shirt designs, jewelry, cups, and more to Blountville. The Crazy Daisies just opened on Highway 11-W. Co-Owners Megan Vittatoe and Chelsey Hopson couldn’t be more excited.
It started with work of their own, then an idea to open up shop. “We’re always nervous thinking is it going to do good? It everything going to pick up to where we can stay? It’s always in the back of our minds but like I told Chelsey, we just had to take the leap and if it was for us, then it’ll go, and if not, then we’ll know,” said Vittatoe.

In mid-July they found the space and decided to take their love of crafting and creation to the next level, even opening the opportunity up to others.

“We like the idea of having different small businesses from across the Tri-Cities. Instead of just featuring our T-shirts and cups, we wanted to branch out and add jewelry too but that’s not something we carry ourselves so we opened up to other small businesses and just featured the ones that don’t have a storefront or online sales and invited them in,” she said.

For Meagan and Chelsey, it’s more than just a storefront. “We don’t just want to push buy, buy and sell, sell, we actually want a friendly environment,” said Vittatoe.

Now open, they hope to have not only customers, but more artisans express interest in selling in their shop as well.

It’s located on 11-W, 2624, suite 1.

Vendors are urged to reach out through their website if they’re interested in selling crafts there.