GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Wandering Llamas are usually wandering trails in our region but now you’re welcome into their home.
For the first time, the farm itself is open to business and offers another chance to check out the mammals without having to walk for miles.

“Some people either can’t hike or don’t want to hike or are too old to hike so I’ve opened the farm here so people can come out and enjoy the llamas and pet and play and just have a good time while taking pictures with them. They’re very sweet and friendly. They won’t kick, spit or bite,” said Sandy Sgrillo, Owner of The Wandering Llamas.

Sgrillo has been in the llama game since 2000, but only for a few years locally. She said the decision to open the farm was a long time coming but so far she’s had a great reaction, making her confident in the decision.

“I try to keep a private life and since I’m with people all day long on the hikes and meeting people, I kind of wanted to come home and have it just be home. Now though, people are looking in this area for something else to do there’s really not much here so I think opening the farm could be a fun thing for people to do here,” she said.

There’s no time limit to hang with the majestic mammals and while local llamas may sound strange for this region, it really isn’t. Sgrillo said every day, the llama industry grows…

“Llamas have become extremely popular. Everywhere you look, there’s llama clothing, llama gifts, llama everything. Once you’re really close up with them, you realize how nice they are. They aren’t crazy-spitting ones that you see on Youtube. They can really be sweet funny animals who are curious and smart and who love people and spending time with them,” she said.

Good news for those planning to visit, 3 baby llamas are due in October.

It’s $18 a person if you plan to visit the farm. You still need to call and make a reservation before going.