JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – La Casa Vieja, a new restaurant on the Johnson City scene is a mix of Mexican and Honduran cuisine, pulling other Latin influences into their dishes as well.

La Casa Vieja translates in English to ‘The Old House’. It’s a name the owners said was strategic in reminding Latinos in the Tri-Cities of where they came from.

“They can come here and have the same dish they had over there but also be here and have someone to talk to,” said Mauricio Velasco.

It’s a team operation, where everyone in the family plays a part.

“Their main goal is just to bring a smile to the face of immigrants or new people who are coming to the Tri-Cities who can feel like they are back home without leaving their culture when they move here,” said Velasco.

In an area with already a lot of options when it comes to Mexican food, they feel what their menu offers will be a game changer. “We just wanted to bring another one in so people can have a variety of dishes and see what our culture is and how our food tastes,” he said.

La Casa Vieja is now open and located at 705 West Market Street.

The family running the shop also owns a local Mexican market featuring authentic goods from the country.