LIMESTONE, Tenn. (WJHL) — No matter the craving, The Munchie Machine is there to solve it.

“We do loaded nachos, bowls, wraps and tacos and we just started quesadillas,” said owner Allen Castle. “When you put that on there and you get $10 worth of food, you get $10 worth of food.”

Offering a slew of options and giving you bang for your buck, Castle said customers won’t walk away from this truck hungry.

The truck was purchased in late 2020 already hailing the name Munchie Machine but Castle and his wife did a little bit of rebranding with the help of someone special.      

“I told my daughter I want to keep the Scooby theme but I want a monster; Scooby-Doo is always chasing monsters, so I told her I wanted a hungry monster so she designed that and the logo,” he said.

A veteran-owned and operated food truck, now fighting to fill stomachs in the region while getting to know the community along the way.

“Meeting different people and watching people have that wow factor when they open up the container of the food,” he said.

So far, Castle said it’s been a great adventure, with even better food that’s creating quite the following.

“They’ll follow us, I’ll get text messages asking where we are at. When can I come? When will you be in Kingsport, you know,” he said.