BIG STONE GAP, Va. (WJHL) – The Cluck Truck has been cooking up some tasty eats in Virginia for over a month now, specializing in none other than chicken.

“Chicken has always been a strong suit for me and I guess he just knew that I could capitalize on it, smart man,” said Micah Nida, co-owner and chef of The Cluck Truck.

Nida said it was an idea brought to him by his business partner Greg Kiser. He told News Channel 11 that while Greg handles the business aspect, Micah is running this mobile kitchen with a menu that could make your mouth water.

“We have a hot honey chicken tender, we also have a Nashville hot chicken sandwich which we also offer in tender form, we have an original chicken sandwich which I’m dubbing the Blue Ridge, and we have garlic parmesan truffle fries, a five cheese mac,” said Nida.

He said he initially set out to practice law, but his passion for cooking was overwhelming, and his reason for making the career jump. “It’s always been my dream for a food truck, primarily because of the Jon Favreau movie ‘Chef’.

“I like to make what I want to, I’m able to interact with people instead of being back of the house, and it’s a lot more gratifying and rewarding being on the food truck. It was an easy jump, easy transition and I get to actually trying the food,” said Nida. “I know some things get a little wild with food truck menus but we keep it short and sweet. We want things the kids can eat. We have a kids tender on there, we offer the plain tenders, and then we have things for people who enjoy hot stuff, of course and your sweet people. We try to make it so everyone from all walks of life will enjoy it and it won’t be too complex, especially for our area.”

While right now they’re mainly in Virginia, they plan to make their way over to Tennessee as soon as they can.