JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Soul food is rolling through a town near you.

‘Southern Flo’s’ is a food truck with a unique menu and an even more unique name.

“I had social media and I used to go by ‘flow so jazzy’ so I was like I like the name and I want to incorporate it into the food truck name so people know who it is. I live in the South so Southern Flo’s and I like Soul food so it made me come up with the name,” said Owner, Jazmyn Whiteside.

The truck started up two years ago, mid-pandemic. White said there haven’t been too many problems along the way. In her time on the road, she’s learned to mix up her menu, serving up almost everything under the sun.

“I serve meatloaf, macaroni, and cheese, greens, yams, ham, Pork chops, fried fish, all sorts of stuff,” she said.
While she makes running a food truck look easy, Whiteside told News Channel 11 it’s not entirely a walk in the park. “There are all sorts of issues that you run into on a daily basis and you’ve just got to keep going. People think we just drive these little trailers around and just sell food like this ice cream man but it’s a little bit more work than that,” said Whiteside.

She said her favorite part of running the truck is the community aspect.

“Coming to festivals and being around groups of people that are having fun and like to try different varieties of food, and I like to see people eat my food and smile and tell me how good it is and how happy it makes them Just knowing they enjoyed it,” said Whiteside.

While ‘Southern Flo’s’ travels around the region, the truck does have a home location.

You can find them at 233 West Main Street in Downtown Johnson City when they aren’t booked for an event or on social media.