JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The food truck ‘Hound Dogs’ based out of Johnson City does it all.

“We do regular hot dogs, make your own with mustard, chili, and onion, but what sets us apart is that we do a lot of the specialty hot dogs like The Rocky Top, The Volunteer, The Hound Dog and we also do a Chicago dog that’s really popular,” said Cheryl Goulds, Owner, and Operator of Hound Dogs.

This food truck joined the game earlier than most, starting five years ago ahead of the big boom in the business. Hound Dogs took to the road after starting in a Lowe’s parking lot as just a stand.

“I’ve always enjoyed serving people and entertaining but I didn’t have any interest in doing a restaurant and how much that would tie me down so a food truck seemed like the perfect solution,” said Goulds.

Wondering where the truck got its name? Goulds said it hails from her favorite college football team. “Just a really big UT fan, have been my whole life, and what better name for a hot dog truck than Hound Dogs?”

Her favorite part is making her own schedule and coming up with ideas for the hot dogs, along with watching people’s reactions to some of the existing creations.

For more on how to find their next stop, follow ‘Hound Dogs’ on social media.