JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – With the 35th annual Pepsi Independence Celebration and Fireworks just two days away, preparations are already underway for Sunday’s event.

Sean Mahoney, team leader of Pyro Shows based out of East Tennessee, said his crew has put in quite a lot of work already.

“For a big show like this, it’s usually probably a three-day setup,” Mahoney said. “At first as you can see all the racks, they’re all individual, we have to come in, we have to put all those two by fours on the sides. Then once they’re put together, then we have to load everything.”

Mahoney said after that comes the wiring and setting up the firing board. He said prep will finish up Saturday morning.

Mahoney said even though rain is in the forecast this weekend, fireworks goers shouldn’t worry too much.

“Weather doesn’t affect fireworks on this scale,” Mahoney said. “All of ours is electric. So as long as there’s no lightning, that show goes. We don’t have to worry about anything.”

Organizers said the fireworks are expected to last for a full 20 minutes.

There will be 24/7 security monitoring the fireworks until the show.

For those coming, Johnson City Police Department Lt. Becky West said there are some safety precautions in place.

West said personal fireworks or sparklers are not allowed and to be extra careful when driving through the area.

“We ask people just be mindful of all of the traffic laws,” West said. “Officers standing out directing traffic, and keep a special watch out for any pedestrians, and we’ll have a lot of foot traffic.”

West said to expect traffic to be slow after the show, but they’ll be directing people out as fast as possible.