The father of a man shot and killed at Hog Wild Saloon in Kingsport said he plans to take legal action, in order to get answers about his son’s death.

The shooting occurred early Friday morning, police said a 16-year-old shot two people inside the bar, killing one and injuring another.

According to the parents of 16-year-old William Raynard Newkirk, police arrested their son as he got off a school bus last Friday in Bristol, Virginia.

Tonight the father of the victim, 20-year-old Brett Rodgers II said he’s in Kingsport this week to prepare for his son’s funeral.

He said so far, time hasn’t eased the pain since last Friday morning when his son, his namesake, was shot and killed in the Hog Wild Saloon in Kingsport.

“Brett was an angel, he touched many lives, for him to leave like this at just 20-years-old,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers said he saw the report that aired Tuesday night on News Channel 11 of the parents of accused gunman, 16-year-old William Raynard Newkirk.

“We’re very sorry and we know that can’t bring it back, if our son did it, but we’re sorry regardless who did it,” William Newkirk said.

William and Crystal Newkirk told News Channel 11 they can’t understand how their teenage son is accused of being in a bar and firing a gun.

Rodgers said he wanted to respond to the suspect’s parents.

“The apology, I felt it but it doesn’t bring Brett back,” Rodgers said. “They should be upset about him having a firearm, that’s what they should be upset about and him shooting my son and killing my son.”

Rodgers said his son will be buried this weekend, surrounded by family as they grieve the loss of his son.

Scott Rodgers, Brett Rodgers’ uncle, said he came in from Illinois to honor his nephew’s memory.

“Why do you have two families up here hurt the way that we are?” Scott said. “You know my nephew will never experience life and on his side, their son could possibly go to prison for the rest of his life.”

Rodgers said he plans to do more than grieve his son’s death, he said he plans to sue Hog Wild Saloon, where his son was killed.

“I’ll make an appearance in court, stating my intentions, because I need answers,” Rodgers said. “They had the obligation to protect my son, they were supposed to protect my son.”

Hog Wild Saloon remains closed after officers noticed safety concerns and possible city ordinance and code violations.

News Channel 11 stopped by Hog Wild Saloon Wednesday to speak to the owners. They told her they did not want to go on camera, they said as of right now they don’t know when or if they will reopen.

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