Fans react to BMS dirt race: ‘What can you say but, it’s Dirty Bristol, Baby?!’


BRISTOL, Tenn. (WJHL) – Race fans flocked to the World’s Fastest Half Mile on Monday as the races were postponed after a soggy weekend.

Excitement filled the – along with dust – as the NASCAR Cup series raced on dirt for the first time in decades.

“It’s awesome and they definitely need to do this forever,” said James Klecka, a race fan from North Carolina.

His wife, Charlene Klecka said it was a very enjoyable race. The pair said they loved the dirt race, even though it got messy.

“I wore a poncho and some goggles,” Charlene Klecka explained.

However, she added that it did not help much.

“There was sand in my drinks, sand in my eyes, sand in my hair, and sand everywhere,” she said.

Mayrville, Tennessee race fan Lindy Brandes said she and her husband, David Brandes, also thoroughly enjoyed both the truck and stock car racing on the dirt. Having been avid Bristol Motor Speedway fans for over a decade, the couple said their overall experience was enough to last a lifetime in terms of dirt racing at the Last Great Colossueum.

Lindy Brandes does not think she will be back to watch a dirt race after suffering an asthma attack.

“Well, we were excited because, you know, at our age, we don’t know if we’ll ever see another Bristol dirt race so we both extended our time off from work and came. I made it through the first few segments of the truck race, it was like, ‘we need to leave, it’s getting pretty bad.’ So, we left, hung out, got some fresh air,” she explained.

The pair then went back into the track for the Cup race after she caught her breath.

“About lap 125 in there I go, ‘oh no it’s bad.’ So, we managed to stick through two stages. I would be leaving if even if my driver was winning right now. And by the time we got downstairs riding the elevator, I had to use my rescue inhaler. So needless to say unfortunately as a season ticket holder. I will come to camp and party, I will never attend another dirt race. I can’t health issues prevent it,” Brandes added.

Both the truck and stock car races were postponed until Monday after flooding and severe weather prevented safe racing over the weekend.

Bristol fans said the dirt racing was worth the wait after getting postponed until Monday.

“It’s a lot, even better when it’s on dirt. We hadn’t seen it like that before,” said Zachary Sabey, a race fan from Kingsport.

Sabey told News Channel 11 that he had received his ticket for Christmas and that there was no way he would miss the race.

But some race fans were prepared for the bad weather.

“It’s Bristol in the spring, you’re used to that, you plan for extra days and you hydrate well,” James Klecka added.

Bristol Motor Speedway announced that the dirt will be back next spring race.

“Oh yeah, we already got the tickets,” said James Klecka.

“And what can you say but, ‘it’s Dirty Bristol, Baby?!’ Brandes added.

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