SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – 34 years – that’s how long a Sullivan County family has waited to find out who killed their loved one.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office’s oldest cold case – began in July 1984.

Floyd Otis Turner was 40-years-old when he was found shot to death in his car.

The murder weapon – found miles from the crime scene.

News Channel 11’s Justin Soto spoke with investigators determined to crack the case and Turner’s family – still hoping for long lost answers.

Turner’s family called him “Otis.”

They describe him as a loving father and husband.

He was from Blountville and worked at Eastman Chemical Company, also selling insurance.

Investigators tell me he may have met with an insurance client in the hours before he was killed.

34 years later – investigators and his family are still searching for answers about who killed him.

“This is all 4 of us. The ugly one there is me,” Turner’s brother Don said while looking at a childhood photo.

Don Turner and Brenda Cowan love looking through childhood photos, a glimpse back on the good times with their brother.

“Otis was just a very humble person, a caring person, and he’d do anything for anybody,” Cowan said.

His life was cut short in 1984.

“My cousin told me that Otis had been shot. The last thing I remember is that I fell down,” Turner said.

Turner also telling us that it was Otis’s personal gun that was used in the crime.

The July 10, 1984 police report shows that an officer saw a car parked on the side of the road under Interstate 81 in the Gunnings community, with the window down and the driver’s door ajar.

When the officer approached, he saw a man slumped over, covered in blood.

That man was 40-year-old Otis Turner.

The officer who found Otis was Keith Elton. He was on the job for around five years at the time; he still works at the sheriff’s office.

“I think the reason I turned around was because the window was down and it started to rain,” Major Elton said.

Major Joseph Strickler with the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office joined the case in August 2009.

There are dozens of pages in case files, “this is an active case, a homicide never goes away,” Major Strickler said.

Evidence from the scene has been collected and retested over the years, most recently in 2011, for possible DNA samples.

Items like a cigarette and a bottle were collected from the scene.

The sheriff’s office has worked with various other agencies including the Knoxville Police Department and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in this case.

“So far, we’ve not had any, we’ve not been blessed with any luck on that,” Major Strickler said about DNA matches.

Investigators telling us that the hardest part about this case is the time that has passed.

They’ve also questioned multiple people over the last three decades.

“January 2018, Captain Seabolt actually talked to someone about it,” Major Strickler said.

Still no official suspects in the case yet, but the sheriff’s office has a gut feeling of who was involved.

“I myself have actually talked to the person at one time that could be considered a suspect in this,” Major Strickler said.

When News Channel 11’s Justin Soto asked Major Strickler what he’d want to say if the person who pulled the trigger was watching our story, he said: “Otis was murdered by a coward, and that coward, he told people what he done.”

He’s hoping someone will come forward with information so his family can heal.

“We looked out for each other, and we loved each other. You don’t realize what love that is until it’s gone,” Cowan said about her brother.

Turner’s family also has a message for whoever pulled the trigger that night.

“Get your heart right because there will be a pay day. I don’t see how they can live with themselves,” Turner said.

His family adding that they forgive him and just want to know who did it and why.

The sheriff’s office said there still isn’t enough evidence to make an arrest, that’s why they’re hoping for that key piece of information before taking the case findings to Sullivan County District Attorney Barry Staubus.

If you have any information that can help investigators solve Otis Turner’s murder – you’re asked to call the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office at 423-279-7500.