KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Labor Day is one of many holidays that is typically celebrated outdoors. With the sunny forecast throughout the weekend, people have been taking advantage and spending it in the sun.

For Kingsport native Tia Walden, the holiday is special because of the time she is able to spend with family.

“I think it has a special meaning, our family has always celebrated it,” said Walden. “Cookout, swimming, and just having our best day ever.”

Walden said her Labor Day gatherings are usually small, allowing the kids time to enjoy the water.

“It’s kind of a small gathering,” said Walden. “Just the kids, letting them play and everything.”

Due to the large population of people who spend the holiday on the water, the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) is asking those on the water to be responsible, especially on boats.

In a release sent out by the TWRA, the agency states that in addition to children 12 and under being required to wear a life jacket, a boat must also contain a life jacket for each person onboard.

Matt Cameron, the TWRA spokesperson, said that lifejackets should be nearby, especially in the case of needing to quickly exit the boat.

“You can sit on it, you can put your legs through the arm holes in it,” said Cameron. “You can float on it. If you’re going to take off swimming, have it beside you. That way, if you do cramp up or something happens, you can grab hold of it and you can rest until you get back in the boat.”

With the weather staying warm and sunny, people should expect a hot Labor Day for grilling, swimming and enjoying the holiday.