UNICOI COUNTY, Ten. (WJHL) — As peak week arrives for fall foliage, businesses are seeing a peak in tourism.

“We love the business that the fall foliage and leaves changing brings. We love the cool temps and just the beauty that it brings with it, but mostly the economic force that it brings,” says USA Raft Adventure Resort Owner, Matt Moses.

Matt Moses is the owner of a white water rafting resort that usually tailors to the summer months. With September being occupied with families in school, the resort’s business is relatively slow.

But, with the addition of camping lodges, a take-out bar, food truck and featured live music, the resort has become a must-see destination.

“Starting tonight, we will fill back up and we will stay relatively full through the first or second week in November,” says Moses.

Moses believes this business is all from the region’s beauty.

“More and more folks are discovering northeast Tennessee is a beautiful place to experience fall foliage,” says Moses, “we love being a destination base for people getting to explore our region, [which] we’re so proud to be a part of.”

The resort will be hosting a music festival, featuring Joey Times Reunion, who will be at the resort all weekend.