BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — Yellow “do not cross” tape hangs where Evelyn’s memorial began Friday night on a Muddy Creek block in Sullivan County.

Sunday morning, a group of Sullivan County officers and those paying respect with more stuffed animals and flowers moved the memorial — hundreds of stuffed animals, posters and balloons — from the tree it originated.

The memorial had grown since Friday night and spread to a neighbor’s land.

The memorial’s organizer, Lynda Hooker, told News Channel 11 that the Living by Faith Freewill Baptist Church’s pastor allowed them to move the mountain of memorabilia to a shelter behind the church.

“He was nice enough to let us move it to the shelter for a few more days so everybody could try to get a little closure on this,” Hooker said. “I started this the night the news broke at the tree here.

“The gentleman that lives in the house over here beside us decided he didn’t want it on his property, so the group that was here this morning — along with some officers — had to move it.”

Moving forward, the group has decided to donate the stuffed animals to children’s hospitals to spread love and put a smile on little ones’ faces.

“If we can put a smile on one child’s face, we’ve done our job,” Hooker said. “I know that Evelyn is smiling at us because she’s feeling the love that she should’ve had.”

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