ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — Elizabethton’s Surf Betsy park project is progressing, and it’s time to find a home.

According to a release from Elizabethton Parks and Recreation, members of the Surf Betsy Advisory Board recently met to continue the examination of possible destinations for Elizabethton’s future whitewater park.

Doe River and Watauga River were listed as two locations of interest in 2020’s phase 1 report. On Wednesday, River Restorations, an engineering company in Colorado, began inspecting potential spots along those rivers.

“The report will look at the two rivers and how they both could possibly be developed for whitewater park use. It will identify several locations along the Doe and Watauga Rivers in which wave features would be constructed for whitewater activities,” the release states. “Estimated cost, annual maintenance, and comparisons with other successful whitewater park facilities will all be included in the final report.”

The Advisory Board spent a portion of the day reviewing the nearly 38-page report filed by River Restorations as the company sought out input from the Board.

“The report was impressive, very thorough, and well supported with data and real-world experience,” the release read.

The project initially began in 2019 after community leaders unanimously voted to place Tennessee’s first whitewater park in the heart of Elizabethton — research predicted that Surf Betsy would introduce “millions of dollars” and employment opportunities to the community.

Two years later, River Restorations would be awarded a $38,000 contract to explore the best location for the park. Doe River and Watauga River were later named suitable locations of interest.

“Much work has been completed into the research of Surf Betsy, but more is to come,” the release said.

River Restorations’ report will be subject to review by Elizabethton’s City Council upon completion.