ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — More downtown Elizabethton businesses are interested in applying for a façade grant.

A public meeting was held Monday evening with details on the opening of the city’s fourth round of façade grant applications.

Elizabethton’s Façade Rehabilitation Grant Program is funded by the State of Tennessee and the City of Elizabethton. The program encourages the improvement of downtown businesses’ facades through things like fresh paint or new windows.

The owner of P and J’s Mercantile, Paige Price, just moved her store into the building two weeks ago. She is still thinking of the future and wants her building to reflect the shop inside.

“We all like the old, vintage look, but kind of bringing that modern to it,” said Price. “That’s what I’ve tried to do with the store, is vintage but new at the same time. So, I think it would be really good to put a modern touch on a vintage place.”

Last year, there were 12 applications for the grant. Price says seeing other businesses that have participated like Cannon’s Fine Home Furnishings and the Coffee Company have enticed her to do the same.

“They are beautiful and they’ve done a whole lot of work but still kept that original style with it,” said Paige.

Applications close September 21. Interested applicants must receive pre-approval from the city in order to apply. Click here to get in contact with someone to apply.