ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — Sharon Curtis is an artist that has spent the last five years honing her craft in collage-making. On Saturday August Muse, an Elizabethton-based art gallery and retail space debuted her as a featured artist.

The opening event happened at the E. Elk Avenue shop, which aims to amplify the arts community in Elizabethton, according to a release. The store offers resources and items to motivate and inspire artists, musicians and dancers.

Curtis specializes in creating collages atop old cigar boxes by using stationary, stamps and other paper items she can find. She told News Channel 11 that she was inspired to begin collage art by another artist’s kind words.

“So I was in an art gallery in Brevard, North Carolina, and I was talking to the featured artists there, bemoaning how I wish I had talent like she did,” Curtis said. “And she said everyone has the talent. And she looked at me. She said, Can you tear paper? Yeah, I can tear paper. And she said, Then you can be an artist. And so that’s how I got started on the collage art.”

Saturday afternoon’s event marks Curtis’ first art show. She said she had never done any art before she began making collages.

“I’ve never done any art before. In fact, I say I can’t even draw a stick man. So this is the only art that I’ve ever done, and I’ve found out I have a passion for and a love for it. And I’m hoping other people have that love for it, too,” Curtis said.

The public can view and purchase Curtis’ work at August Muse in Elizabethton through March 17.