KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) — Kingsport city officials have released the audio from Eastman Chemical Company’s phone call to city dispatchers requesting assistance in responding to Monday morning’s steam line failure.

According to the city, the call was placed at 7:29 a.m. on a direct line from the Eastman Fire Department to Kingsport fire dispatch.

After a dispatcher answered, the caller requested “a response to Building 86,” Eastman’s fire department.

The dispatcher asked if there had been an explosion. The caller replied, “Yes.”

“OK, what exploded?” the dispatcher then asked.

“We’re not sure yet,” the caller replied.

Dispatcher: Kingsport
Caller: Hang on. Um, yeah — stand by Mark — um, can you send me a response to Building 86, please?
Dispatcher: Building 86? Is there an explosion?
Caller: Yes.
Dispatch: OK, what exploded?
Caller: Not sure yet.
Dispatcher: So you need the fire department?
Caller: Yea, Building 86, please. Right now just an engine and, uh, [unintelligible].
Dispatcher: An engine and a what?
Caller: [unintelligible]…and a captain.
Dispatcher: Engine, and um, the fire chief?
Caller: Uh yea, that’ll work.

When News Channel 11 requested the call audio earlier this week, city officials said the file containing the audio was corrupt. On Friday, the city supplied the audio file and said it did not show up when they initially searched for it because only 911 calls were searched, per News Channel 11’s records request. Eastman’s call actually took place on an administrative line, not a 911 line.

“Due to the gigantic influx of calls during this incident, that call was ‘bounced’ to an administrative line within dispatch,” Kingsport Police Department Lt. Kevin Hite explained in an email.

Hite said there were still three phone calls to dispatch that were “lost.”

“There are three calls that were corrupted and only a scratchy, obnoxious ‘white noise’ can be heard. We do not know the reason for these corrupted files,” Hite said. “We called our vendor, Equature, and they cannot tell us why these were corrupted either.”

Monday’s incident led to five workers suffering minor injuries and caused debris, possibly containing asbestos, to fall in a nearby neighborhood.