BOONES CREEK, Tenn. (WJHL) — The East Tennessee Bluegrass Association hosted an open Bluegrass Jam on Sunday afternoon at Johnson City Brewing Company’s Boones Creek location.

The open jams are an ongoing event that the organization hosts across the region that welcomes musicians of all skill levels, encouraging them to join the local bluegrass community.

The jams are all acoustic and bluegrass instruments of all types are welcome, including banjo, mandolin, guitar, fiddle and others.

“The big thing that we’re really shooting for here is developing a strong community of players, you know, pickers and bowers and pluckers and whatever you want to be,” said East TN Bluegrass Association member Ryan Hughes.

Hughes said even those that don’t play an instrument can still take something special away from the regularly-hosted jam sessions.

“People just coming out and listening to it can kind of, by just experiencing it themselves not even playing, can get a feel of the heritage and the history around the area because, you know, bluegrass is from the mountains and it’s a real cultural touchstone for us here,” said Hughes.

The bluegrass organization will be back at Johnson City Brewing Company in Boones Creek on June 11 for another Jam Session.