KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – A student at Dobyns-Bennett High School earned a perfect score on his college-level Advanced Placement Seminar Exam in the spring.

A release from Kingsport City Schools (KCS) states senior Aidan Ponasik earned every point possible on an AP Seminar Exam, making him one of only 27 students in the world.

AP Exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5. AP scores are accepted by several colleges and universities as course credits and can sometimes impact admission decisions.

“On behalf of the faculty and staff of Dobyns-Bennett, I applaud Aiden on such a prestigious accomplishment,” Brian Tate, Dobyns-Bennett High School principal, said in the release. “To be one of 27 students in the world with such a score is inspiring and shows the level of commitment he has to his academics. I am confident Aiden will continue to shine with a tremendous work ethic and attitude.”

Tate also congratulated Leigh Tuell, Ponasik’s AP Seminar teacher.

“Earning a perfect score on the AP Seminar Exam is a truly remarkable accomplishment,” Tuell said. “To score perfectly on all six assessments that are part of the AP Exam and to be one of only 27 students in the world earning this achievement is absolutely amazing; I am so proud of Aidan. His hard work and superior writing, research, and presentation skills will serve him well in college and beyond.”