CLINTWOOD, Va. (WJHL) – A Virginia call center is getting a change in management after it was announced that the contract for the current occupant, Serco, Inc., is being terminated.

A WARN notice was issued for Serco, Inc. stating that the call center would be closing, which would affect 163 employees. However, Dickenson County officials say that are hopeful that almost every employee, if not all employees being terminated by Serco, would be able to find new jobs within the successor company, Aspira.

Josh Evans with the Dickenson County Board of Supervisors said that since the county was first altered of Serco’s contract termination, county officials have been working hard to ensure that no jobs are lost and some are possibly even gained.

Evans told News Channel 11 that through discussion with Aspira, it was discovered that pay for call center employees will be higher than Serco’s, however, some administrative personnel could possibly see a slight salary decrease. Evans also noted that Apira’s benefits packages are similar to Serco’s.

There is also another company that is in talks with the county, but the company’s name has not been released. Evans said that if everything goes according to plan, the county could see additional jobs come to the area.

Many call center employees have already been hired, and more than 20 were interviewed last week, Evans stated. The newly hired Aspira employees will have their first training on Feb. 28 in order to gear up for the changeover that is set to take place on April 1.

According to Evans, Serco has operated at the Clintwood location for more than 15 years.