MOSHEIM, Tenn. (WJHL) – JPP Property Management and Joe Squared Construction have plans for a development project that would bring more people to Greene County.

The proposed plan is to build a hotel, retail shops and restaurants off Interstate 81 Exit 23.

“We want for this exit to be really sort of the diamond in the rough for all four exits that Greene County has,” Greene County Mayor Kevin Morrison said.

The project’s current name is Mosheim Crossing and was presented to the Greeneville and Greene County Industrial Development Board on Oct. 23.

The project has not been officially approved but Morrison said the county is in favor of the project.

“Most people when they travel, they want to stop at a well-lit, easy on easy off, convenient exit,” Morrison said. “And that’s what this is.”

The project would be located next to and behind the Marathon gas station and Wendy’s. It would take up 30 acres of land.

Morrison told News Channel 11 that the project would not cost the county or residents any tax dollars because of tax incremental financing.

“Obviously, the more things that go here, we collect the property taxes on it, very little property taxes are being collected on these parcels of land right now,” Morrison said. “So you turn a very low dollar investment into a high dollar investment.”

Mosheim Mayor Rick Cunningham said when the project plan was presented during the meeting he was in full support.

“It seemed like everyone in the room had an enthusiasm, a support for it,” Cunningham said. “There’s a big need for that in that area.”

Cunningham added that the town wants to develop more retail and restaurants in the area in the future.

“If you build it, they will come, that’s our motto,” Cunningham said. “We think if we get a quality hotel and you mention the name Marriott, that gets people’s attention.”

Not only will the project attract more people to Greene County it will also generate added revenue for the town of Mosheim.

“It has the potential to bring in over $2.5 million dollars in tax,” Cunningham said. “Between $2.5 to $3 million in tax, so that’s going to be, sales tax, fuel tax, motel tax, etc.”

Developers on the project still have to take more steps to get the green light on the project. One of those steps is to present the project to the Greene County Commission to vote on. Morrison said that the vote could take place during the December meeting.