GRAY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Land Star Group, the soon-to-be developers of the Keebler property in Washington County, hope to start working on the land in July.

Johnson City commissioners approved the annexation of the Keebler land last Thursday. The land is set to house 482 homes near Suncrest Drive.

“We’re going back and retooling some of the engineering to meet what the city and the planning commission has asked,” said executive director of Land Star, Danny Karst.

Karst said the company is working with the Johnson City commissioners to finalize plans for the development.

LandStar hopes that in July crews can start the environmental work and the layout of the development. Much of the surveying of the land has already been done, but developers could return for more.

“They may have to check on certain points and so forth, and I think it depends largely on some other things that we’re hoping to see happen out there and that is a sort of, if you will, a greenway,” said Danny Karst.

A greenspace and traffic signals are things developers are hoping to add to the plans. LandStar hopes those additions will address some of the worries of nearby homeowners.

“We want to help be a part of that solution, to be able to remedy some of those concerns that they have,” said Carla Karst with Land Star.

Developers said they will meet with the Johnson City Planning Commission in June to go over plans and work through the rezoning of the land.