Two outfalls unmonitored, State agency says landfill could face thousands in penalties.

Bristol, Va. (WJHL) – In a warning letter addressed to Bristol, Virginia City Manager Randall Eads, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) officials said they believe the Bristol landfill hasn’t been monitoring stormwater runoff from some sources all year and may be in violation of state law.

You can read the full document below:

The DEQ said Outfall 001 handles flow from the landfill and roads on the eastern end of the facility. (Photo/VADEQ)

According to the letter, reports that were supposed to be taken from two water outfalls surrounding the landfill were not sent to the state by a July 10 deadline. Instead, the DEQ said they believe no stormwater monitoring was done for either from January 1 to June 30.

According to state descriptions, the outfalls discharged water from the landfill itself, roads inside the facility and the site’s largest retention pond.

If the release was unmonitored, the DEQ said, then the Bristol, Virginia landfill could be dumping wastewater in violation of their state permit and state law. In addition, the letter said state law outlines harsh civil penalties like a $32,500 penalty for each day the landfill spent in violation of state law and individual penalties up to $100,000.

Outfall 007 pulls from the landfill’s retention pond. (Photo/VADEQ)

According to the warning letter, a DEQ inspection in July revealed that no documentation could be found for several required items:

  • Routine Facility Inspections
  • Quarterly visual inspections of stormwater discharges
  • Above-mentioned monitoring reports due by July 10, 2022.

At the end of the letter, DEQ officials requested a response from the city within 20 days outlining their plan to “ensure compliance with state law and regulations.”

The letter also stressed that in situations like these it is DEQ policy to avoid legal enforcement proceedings and civil charges if corrective action is taken by the city.