GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — Country music fans had a unique shopping opportunity on Black Friday.

Just about every item at The Band Perry’s “yard sale” in downtown Greeneville has a story.

“This is what I wore on the cover of our first album,” said lead singer Kimberly Perry as she pulled an outfit off a memorabilia rack. “We’re looking forward to passing them on and who knows what the rest of their stories are going to be. There are more chapters to be written in these pieces.”

Luckily, there’s 8 to 9 thousand of them. At least, there was. The band said they’re planning to raid their closet again for days two and three of the event.

“We got up today and within the first hour I think half of the stuff was already gone so it was kind of cool,” said Reid Perry.

Talking to fans of the award-winning band, it’s not hard to see why.

For the opportunity to take a picture, get an autograph, and even buy one of their personal instruments, people traveled from near and far.

Kelli Green said she drove overnight from Birmingham, Alabama to check out the band’s merch and personal clothing.

“It’s kind of weird we’re raiding their closet and then they’re just like walking behind you and everything. It was so much fun. It means a lot, especially to us fans,” Green said.

Raymond Knuckles, a senior at Greeneville High School, helped work the event.

“Coming from a small town, you don’t really get access to all of these experiences but having somebody that has done it and accomplished all these great things, it really inspires the youth in the community,” he said.

Take 8-year-old Kaitlin Hawk. “I’m quite a big fan, yes,” she said. “I want to be famous like you [The Band Perry] one day.”

It’s local students like her that stand to benefit from the shop. A portion of the proceeds will go towards the Niswonger Foundation, an organization that helps rural students seek higher education opportunities.

“I think it’s a good thing that they remember where they come from and are supporting local charities,” said Kingsport-native Lindsey Dingus.

This is the group’s first homecoming event since 2013, when they launched their second album “Pioneer.”

Now that they’re building a studio in Greeneville, the band says they’ll be around more often.

“What I love about Greeneville and East Tennessee is people are so supportive and love us as The Band Perry but, one step further, they know and love us as Kimberly, Reid, and Neil so it’s really cool to come home and just feel like we’re hanging out with our family and our friends,” Kimberly said.

The “yard” sale will be open on 130 W. Depot Street in downtown Greeneville, TN from 7 am-9 pm on Friday and Saturday. It’s open from 1 pm-6 pm on Sunday.