GRAY, Tenn. (WJHL) — School leaders disciplined multiple Daniel Boone High School football players in connection to the alleged harassment of other team members.

A statement from Washington County, Tennessee Schools Superintendent Jerry Boyd revealed the alleged harassment occurred on Nov. 6 and was reported to the administration.

Boyd released the following statement surrounding the incident:

A formal administrative investigation has been initiated in response to a report received on November 6, 2022, alleging specific members of the Daniel Boone High School football team have engaged in the harassment of other DBHS football players. Players accused of the acts of harassment have been subject to immediate disciplinary measures by the head football coach, athletic director, and principal. Any additional disciplinary actions issued according to the Washington County Schools student code of conduct will be determined by the outcome of the investigation. All parents/guardians of the alleged victims and the accused have been notified of the allegations and the investigation.

Jerry S. Boyd, Washington County Schools Superintendent

No further information has been released.