JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Crown Laboratories celebrated the completion of its 60,000-square-foot expansion.

Crown Laboratories makes Blue Lizard sunscreen and other skincare products.

The company hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony at its new building with local and state representatives in attendance. The expansion will give the company approximately 250,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space.

President and CEO Jeff Bedard said the expansion was in response to the company’s growth.

“We’ve gone from roughly 10 million units per year to close to 30 million this year, on our way to 60 million units and we needed this space to be able to accommodate that growth,” Bedard said.

Bedard also said the expansion helps grow the company’s reach in the community.

“We’ve got a footprint here that started as a small tree with a few roots and now we’ve got a hundred-foot oak tree with some pretty substantial roots in the ground,” said Bedard.

According to a media release, the company hopes to expand its workforce by more than 35 employees in their manufacturing, operations, and corporate departments. Those interested should visit