JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (WJHL) — A local 10-year-old is taking her love of cooking and sharing it with other kids by hosting her first cooking class, and a local farm is trying to continue the trend.

“We had a building project here on the farm, and there was a group of volunteers that came over to help us one day,” said David Wiley, owner of Serenity Knoll Farms. “One of the children who was a part of one of the families that came to help us walked into the kitchen and said, ‘Can I help?’ And I said, ‘Well, sure, what can you do?’ And she said, ‘I can do it all.'”

Wiley said it was immediately clear how talented 10-year-old Ellarose Boone was in the kitchen, but she wasn’t done yet.

“I enjoyed cooking for so long that I think it would be a good idea to teach other kids how to cook,” said Ellarose Boone, a 10-year-old chef.

To everyone’s surprise, Ellarose came ready with a business pitch.

“A few minutes later, she walks back into the kitchen and has her iPad and she has this class, all scripted out to teach,” said Wiley “And I said, ‘Okay, well, let me talk to your mom.'”

“She approached David on her own,” said Kristin Boone, Ellarose’s mom. “I didn’t even know she was doing what she was doing, but it’s really amazing to see her take charge like that.”

Wiley met with his culinary director, Sheridan Nice, to get the course rolling. Nice said they’ve held other children’s cooking courses at the farm but never one taught by a child.

“Another child can see that [Ellarose] has these skills and that she’s able to pull this off and make a beautiful batch of cinnamon rolls, then they’ll feel confident that they can do it themselves,” said Nice.

Eventually, after several months of planning, they settled on cinnamon rolls, a recipe Ellarose is very familiar with already.

“It’s been really awesome to see all the people that are willing to support her,” said Boone.

Wiley and Nice said Ellarose’s motivation has them considering a series of courses taught by kids for kids.

Wiley and Nice say they are looking forward to having other courses like the one taught by Ellarose in the future. As for Ellarose, her cooking journey is just getting started.