It’s a building you can’t miss as you drive through downtown Greeneville, a building that’s been under construction for years.

Officials at Walters State Community College tells us they are nearing completion on the $30 million dollar project.

President of Walters State, Tony Miksa, told News Channel 11 this expansion will allow them to offer more for those students who utilize this downtown Greeneville Campus.

“We’ll be able to expand our general education coursework which is math, science, psychology, we’ll also be able to increase the number of dual-enrollment students that we serve,” Miksa said.

The project was funded by several sources including state funding, grants, and $5 million coming from philanthropist and local businessman, Scott Niswonger.

“Scott Niswonger has been incredibly generous in donating dollars to be able to build this campus, without him we wouldn’t have been able to continue it, move forward with it,” Miksa.

Construction on the interior of the new campus is expected to be complete by the end of January.

Officials at Walters State said they also aim to have the exterior and outdoor space of the campus complete by March.

That outdoor space will include an amphitheater that will not only be accessible to students, but also to the downtown Greeneville community.

The new campus will officially be named in recognition of Scott Niswonger, with the title ‘Walters State Niswonger Campus.’