Congressman Phil Roe hosts immigration town hall in Blountville


At the town hall meeting in Blountville, Congressman Phil Roe told the crowd he agrees with the President that there’s a crisis on the Southern Border.

“We apprehended in one day almost 4,000 people,” Roe said.

He said most of the people at the town hall meeting seemed to support tougher immigration laws and a stronger border and he said he would bring the public’s opinon and ideas on immigration to washington when it comes time to vote.

“I posed the question to the crowd how many of you would support an open border and nobody raised their hand,” he said.

One of those in the crowd was the father of Shirra Brannum. She was killed two years ago when police said a drunk driver hit her car.  The driver was a man in the country illegally and police said he escaped from the hospital and hasn’t been seen since.

“And it’s still hard and it will be until the day I die and some of these people agreeing with these Mexicans, if they was an angel parent like I am, their hearts will be in a different place.” said Hugh Scalf, Shirra’s dad.

Congressman Roe says the concern with illegal immigrants is due to crime rates and safety hazards including health concerns.

“I worry a lot if somebody wants to try and bring a very serious infectious decease across our southern border and now we have a nightmare,” he said.

Roe made it clear that America needs immigration, but immigrants should enter the country legally. He says he’s convinced America needs to pay to build a stronger border or pay for what will happen if illegal immigration continues unchecked.

“I cant tell you how much but its a lot of money in our local communities to care for people who are here illegally in the country. So like I said it’s either pay me now or pay me later,” he said.

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