Content warning: some details in this story and previous stories linked could be triggering and disturbing. Limited details and images are included describing a physical attack on a child. Discretion to sensitive audiences is advised.

ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — Two days after two juveniles were arrested and charged with kidnapping and assaulting a 10-year-old girl, community members organized a support rally.

The rally was at Covered Bridge at noon Sunday.

News Channel 11 previously spoke with the mother of the 10-year-old girl who was attacked.

At this time, WJHL is only using the first name of the mother, Brittany, and refraining from using her daughter’s name or image to protect their identities.

Brittany released photos and her story of the attack on Facebook in a post that went viral Thursday. The pictures show her daughter covered in blood, welts and bruises.

The mother said her daughter left to play at a neighbor’s home she had frequently visited before the attack.

Several hours later, the 10-year-old girl returned home covered in blood.

The two suspects were taken to the juvenile detention center, with a court appearance scheduled for this upcoming week.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.