Community Heroes: Scott County, Va. deputy works to balance law and compassion


SCOTT COUNTY, Va. (WJHL)- A deputy sheriff out of Scott County, Virginia has captured the hearts of many in his community.

The man behind the badge is Scott County, Virginia Sheriff’s deputy Steve Smith who is better known as “Pee Wee.”

Deputy Smith is described as an amazing man with a strong, deep compassion for his job and the people in his community.

“Honest, hardworking and determined,” Lt. of Patrol David Woody told News Channel 11’s Pheben Kassahun.

Deputy Smith has dedicated the last 15 years of his life to serving his community in Southwest Virginia.

“Just wanted to try to make a difference in the community,” Steve Smith said.

Pee Wee has dealt with people on their best days.

“The way that he talks to people and he treats people, he does a very well job,” Woody said.

Pee Wee said, “Being able to help people. People in need. If you generally care about the people, they can tell it.”

He has also seen people on their worst of days, which makes his job challenging, but he would not trade it in for the world.

Woody said, “When he’s at work, he makes very good arrest. As far as drug arrests, DUI arrests he takes those very serious. He does a good job on those.”

The deputy sheriff’s compassion has set a standard for the rest of the Scott County, Virginia Sheriff’s Department.

Pee Wee said, “Naturally, when we’re on patrol, we go through the neighborhoods and we try to talk to families of kids to see if anybody does need something.”

“He is very caring about the entire community of people. Every day, he comes to work. He is dedicated to his job. He comes to work every day unless he is drastically ill. He rarely misses work,” Woody said.

Lieutenant of patrol, David Woody and Pee Wee have been partners on the force for more than a decade.

“I know that if I get a bad call, he’s going to show up. I don’t have to get on the radio and call and say, ‘Hey can you come help me?’ He’s already going to come help me. I don’t have to worry about that,” Woody said.

Woody said having Pee We by his side is a great boost of confidence.

“I’m proud that he’s my friend. If my family called 9-1-1, I would hope someone like him showed up. Wherever my family or friends are at, he would be the kind of officer I would hope that would show up,” Woody said.

And that is why he is our community hero.

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